Pork & Co

Peterborough's hog roast with a difference

Our roasts are hog heaven for meat lovers
What's the best hog roast you've ever had? Don't answer until you've tried Pork & Co. That's our name for the unique roasts we create right here in Peterborough.

We think they're the best you'll ever have. A bold claim? Perhaps, but we're sure you'll agree.

Our own rare-breed pigs

One of the reasons our hog roast is so good is that we use our very own rare-breed pigs. They live on our farm, right by the pub here in Peterborough, so we know exactly where they've come from and we know they've been treated well. Food doesn't get much more local than that.

We've got the secret recipe

Our hog roast technique is different to any you've seen before. We don't want to give too many secrets away, but our chefs have come up with a roast that's quicker, better looking and more delicious than any other we've tried.

We've got a range of flavours too, from pulled pork to English thyme pork.

It's more than just pork

We love pork, but it doesn't stop there. Our unique approach to a hog roast just works as well with beef, chicken, lamb kebabs and hot dogs. Whatever you want, we'll roast it!

If you'd like to know more about our Pork & Co service in Peterborough just get in touch.  
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